#Hashtag Checker

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Ensure your promotional #hashtag isn't hiding a bad word or dirty phrase!

Why Check Your #Hashtags?

Since a hashtag is #alloneword and is oblivious to #UpperAndLowerCases, it's easy for a naughty word or phrase to be overlooked, and potentially derail your promotional efforts, if not damage your brand/company reputation. Situations like this one can be avoided using this free hashtag check tool.

How Does It Work?

#Hashtag Checker searches through your hashtag and looks for an instance that matches its list of banned words. If found, it will emphasize the word and bring it to your attention, for your to detect if it could be misconstrued.

*Letters and numbers only     *One hashtag at at time.

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Disclaimer: #Hashtag Checker is for entertainment purposes only, and makes no guarantee that your hashtag is free of offensive words or phrases.