Create social media galleries from #hashtags

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Think of it as a "search and admire" tool for finding recent images across several social networking sites/platforms. We don't know how to describe it past that. Then again, there isn't much more to it than that, so...

How do I use it?

Think of #hastags or tags that would be used to describe images you'd like to see, and couple them with the various social networks in the dropdown menus. When you're done, Create Your Picsho to see the results. You can choose which pics you want to keep or not for your Galllery and Save It to share with others. With the ability to mix and match networks & #hastags, the number of galleries you can create are endless.

Why #hashtags?

Tens of millions of images are being added and shared via social applications every day. That's a lot. The popularity of #hashtags on photo friendly apps like Twitter and Instagram make it easier to narrow down your search to what you want to see. They are arguably more succinct and on point than bare keywords.

Is this stealing?!

We sure don't think so. :( We don't own (or even pretend to own) the images you find via Picsho. Therefore we don't save or store any of the images either. We simply provide or preserve the information that leads you to them.

Does my saved Picsho gallery update automatically?

Galleries do not update automatically. Amongst other reasons, this would allow anyone to "spam" your gallery with unwated photos, duplicates, or worse by simply matching your hashtag search with their updates, and ultimately defeating the purpose. If you're logged in though, you can add new photos to your gallery in Editing Mode.

Why does my saved Picsho gallery now have broken images?

Like we said - we don't own/save the images you find via Picsho. They belong to the people who uploaded them, and are managed by the great social networking sites they came from. If one or the other decides to get rid an image, we can't fix that. It doesn't happen too often, but it happens. We call it "bio-degrading galleries".

Can I have more than one Custom URL?

You can maintain several Custom URLs under one account. Anyone can unlock a free Custom URL by creating a hashtag gallery that gets a good amount of views. If you'd like more, any regular Picsho gallery can be upgraded to a Custom URL, with all of the added benifits and bonuses.

Who is responsible for this?

Please feel free to contact us at the email address provided below with your cheers, jeers, ideas, concerns, or legal threats.