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Updates: Further Edit & Categorize Your Galleries

Dec 17, 2012   |   Comment

You can now edit your galleries and place them in categories

We draw closer to ending the beta phase of Picsho with the release of some new features. The Editing feature allows you to keep your galleries on point and error free. The Categories feature helps like-minded visitors find and enjoy your galleries.

We have long planned to give you a way to go back and fix a gallery that you created, and now that feature has arrived. Broken images, duplicates, overlooked omissions, misspelled titles are no longer a worry with the ability to edit your galleries. Any gallery you create while logged in can be tweaked any time in the future. Simply use the "Edit Gallery" button next to the respective gallery to enter editing mode.

Galleries can now be categorized during the creation or editing phase. You'll find the Category menu near the Title field. This rest is pretty self explanatory ;) In the next update we'll be adding some more discovery tools that will make good use of categories, so be sure to classify your galleries ASAP. Also, please feel free to contact with suggestions for categories we may have missed.

As usual, we thank you for using Picsho, be sure to share it with your friends, and your feedback is always welcome.

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