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Updates: Add More Images To Your Gallery

Jan 22, 2013   |   Comment

A couple of late nights and about 3 dozens cups of coffee have produced our latest feature update. Here are the new ways to keep your gallery fresh by adding more images to it.

Search It Again
This feature has been at the top of the to-do list for quite some time. Of course, images on social networks can be (and often are) shared after you've already created your gallery. Creating a new gallery is of course an option. But if you're logged in, you can grab new images for your existing Picsho by clicking the "Search More" button during Editing Mode.

This will find newer images (if any) based on your existing hashtag search, and add them for potential inclusion in your gallery. As before, you can then weed out the repeats, off-topic, or otherwise "bad" pics to curate them into the gallery you desire.

Manual Additions
There's only so many results a search can produce, only so far back that a hashtag search can go. If you come across an image on a social network that should be in your gallery, you can opt to drop it in manually.

This feature may look familiar from previous feature updates. Simply adding the proper, direct URL to where that image lives will add the new addition into your existing Picsho. This is also ideal for adding public images that aren't able to be searched via a hashtag, like from Facebook for example. Expect the list of supported social networks to grow!

Note: These new features are at your disposal only when logged in. Logging in is easy and free.

As always, if you spot any bugs or see room for improvement, please feel free to contact us with your feedback. And thanks for using Picsho.

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