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Twitter Vs. Instagram...Again!

Dec 06, 2012   |   Comment

The "War For Your Photos" has sparked another battle, the two sides of this recent scuffle being Instagram and Twitter. If you use both Twitter and Instagram then you may have noticed when it begun. Then again, you may not have, because we sure didn't. At first.

After users were complaining that Instagram images were not showing up correctly in their tweets (cropped to smaller sizes than the originals), tech sites started reporting this along with the response from the CEO of Instagram. It turns out that with the introduction of web profiles, Instagram now wants people to go "where their content lives originally". There are plenty of 'retaliation' and 'business' related theories behind the decision, but we won't get into those here.

Admittedly, when we first began investigating the changes, we couldn't figure out what all of the noise was about. Instagram pics came up just as they always had when we looked through our Twitter feed. But that's because we normally view Twitter on the web. After a little digging, we saw it. The cropping appeared when viewing Twitter through the iPhone app (we suspect the same happens on other devices/platforms).

Instagram view on Twitter for iPhone

Well that sucks. But we're cool...if Instagram wants us to view the pics 'where they live' then we're all for it. Or are we? We're also reading that Instagram images could stop showing up on Twitter altogether, which would be way more disruptive, and all but force us to choose a side - #TeamInstagram or #TeamTwitter?

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