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Twitter Photo Filters : Will We Still Use Instagram?

Dec 09, 2012   |   Comment

Twitter photos may be getting filters

Twitpic used to be the dominant photo host for tweeting pics, having almost half of the market share, until Twitter introduced their own photo hosting solution. Around 6 months later, Twitter took over the lead in image hosting on their platform. Could the same thing happen to Instagram?

There have been several reports stating Twitter has an internal photo filter for their application, and is set to release it very soon (before Christmas). This is no doubt a move to grab some market share back from the Instagram, and we are sure it will be effective. But the question is, 'how effective?'

Instagram is not quite in the position that Twitpic was. Yes, Twitter was a big part of Instagrams spread and success. But with the momentum it now has, plus being backed by Facebook, Instagram has a few cards it can (and recently did) play to ensure it'll stand on it's own and absorb a move such as this.

Many people created Instagram accounts solely to share better looking photos on Twitter. Is the Instagram experience enough to make them stay? Or will they abandon it once they can create comparable photos right in their Twitter app?

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