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The Guardian Music Maps Photos Through #GdnGig

Dec 06, 2012   |   Comment

The Guardians Live Music map

Photos and hashtags are hand-in-hand in the social media space. If you wanted to turn this couple into a "ménage à trois", live events would be high up on the list of potential partners. We've seen this play out many times here on Picsho, and recently we noticed that the Music arm of The Guardian is taking advantage of this as well with their Live Music Map feature.

Performers and attendees alike can tweet, Instagram, or n0tice with the hashtag #GdnGig to share photos & details about the live gig that they're attending. With locations turned on, their media can then be added to the Live Map that shows when and where gigs are happening in the UK (and beyond). "Our hope is that the Guardian's live music map will help people discover local venues and artists and go out and see them more. And those who know about great local music will have a better platform for sharing their passion" says The Guardians Adam Boult.

You can check out the Live Music Map here, and of course you can contribute your live gig attendance with the hashtag #GdnGig. Also check out this Picsho we created from the hashtag, that features some great images of live performances and backstage shots from around the UK.

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