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The Downside Of Hashtags: Shamelessness

Dec 15, 2012   |   Comment

Shameless promoters use prayfornewtown hashtag to get likes and retweets

The recent tragedies in Newtown, CT are on the hearts of millions, and the families and communities affected are in everyone's prayers, including ours.

While there are lots of touching and inspiring words being used on social media networks, particularly with the hashtag #prayfornewtown, graphics and messages like the ones above are pretty pathetic. We just can't see any pure intention behind them.

Claiming that Twitter will donate money for retweets, or that Instagram likes translate into prayers, is despicable. Using this tragedy in increase social media status is sickening.

Please stop. Instead of likes and retweets, how about we all go out and really pray, really donate, and really usher in change to keep things like this from happening again.

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