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Prepare Thyself For Snapseed

Dec 07, 2012   |   Comment

Indeed, Snapseed is yet another app that lets you enhance your images and share them with your friends. You may even have heard of it, as Snapseed has been around for a little while now on iOS. But now Snapseed is part of the Google juggernaut, and Google is sure to use it's extensive reach to bring Snapseed to more folks' attention. So, prepare thyself!

Google acquired Nik Software, the creators of Snapseed, a couple months back. It was then quite obvious as to why, as this was not long after Facebook had acquired Instagram. So fill in the blank: Instagram is to Facebook what Snapseed is to __________.

Correct! In a recent blog post, Google announced some new and upcoming additions to their social network, Google+. Regarding Snapseed, they've now released an Android version, and point out "the ability to share your creations via Google+ and other services" as one of the new features. You can guess which of those services will take priority.

We're well aware of how Google can (and will) make use it's extensive network to promote a new product. If those efforts are even half of what they did for things like Google+, YouTube, or Chrome... you'll be seeing a LOT more of Snapseed soon, whether you want to or not.

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