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Make Your Event Hashtags Official (Free Event Poster)

Nov 05, 2012   |   Comment

If you're an event organizer, you know the importance of locking down and staying consistent and persistant with the name, date, and time of your upcoming event. But nowadays it's equally important to add an official hashtag to your list of event promotion essentials. Failure to do so can significantly reduce the impact your event has outside of your control in the wild world of social media.

Hashtaging is inevitable. It's become an integral part of social networking thanks to the Twitters and Instagrams out there. If you don't have an official hashtag for your event, someone is going to make one up....or worse yet, several! Especially if they're at the event and having a great time. They're likely to want share their experience, through tweets or photos, and will be inclined to use a hashtag with it in order to connect and relate with others that are enjoying that same experience.

You want to be in as much control of this virality by branding the official hashtag of your event early and often, burning it into the minds of your attendees. That means every flyer, announcement, posting, tweet should have the same, identical hashtag (yes, even down to the upper/lowercase).

Another important aspect that many events overlook is the importance of splashing your official hashtag around the event itself. They're there, tweeting, updating their timelines, and snapping photos...but they've forgotten the hashtag! Don't let that happen. In every place possible, remind them with posters, flyers, stickers, and everywhere else that your hashtag will fit. In addition to being a reminder to those that are sharing socially, it also acts as a prompt to share on the folks that wouldn't otherwise.

Need An Official Hashtag Poster?

If you're reading this at the 11th hour, in need of some hashtag branding for your upcoming event, please feel free to download and use our free hashtag promo poster. It's got some generic prompting, recognizable icons, and plenty of space for you to type or write in your official hashtag(s). Here's a preview:

The poster is:
- 300dpi
- JPEG (.jpg)
- 11x17 inches (Tabloid) with 0.5 inch bleed

Click here to download the zip file and enjoy the fruits of using official hashtags at all of your events.

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