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How Many "Instagrams" Do We Need?

Nov 15, 2012   |   Comment

Ladies & gents, I present to you Graham Gram. We were recently made aware of this iOS photo sharing app for all things "graham related." Download the app, snap your favorite graham images, and start sharing them!

At this point you may be thinking "really??" And while Graham Gram is a real app that you can download and use (we even installed it ourselves), it was created to make a point and raise the question: How many more photo sharing apps do we need?

We actually had to think about the answer to that for a second, for reasons that you can probably figure out. One one hand, we want you to get as much use out of Picsho as possible. And one could argue that more apps = more images. On the other hand, there are already soooo many photo sharing networks out there already, we actually have to consider which ones to add, if at all to keep things from becoming a headache. Could you imagine searching for image hashtags across 20-25 photo networks? Would you want to? (We're actually working on adding 1-2 new services soon - we hope that's cool.)

What do you think? Do we need more photo apps?

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