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Hey Restaurants, What Are You Afraid Of?

Feb 05, 2013   |   Comment

While I seriously doubt that your favorite diner or bistro is going to club you across the head (unless that's their theme), the photo above does portray the sentiment that some establishments have towards their patrons taking and sharing photos of their dishes. What I can't understand is why.

Don't give me that jazz about "disturbing other customers." Unless I'm going around taking pics of other peoples plates at their tables, it just doesn't fly. Flash photography? Please. If I'm taking a photo not of food but of the great time I'm having at your place, will I be subject to a skull cracking as well?

Once the plate hits my table, it's mine. I can eat it, stare at it, dump it in a doggie bag, take a picture of it, or even smear it across my face if I want to. As long as I pay for it in the end.

What's the real issue here, restaurateurs? Why is me taking a picture of my food such a big deal? What are you afraid of? And honestly, what can you really do about it?

Image via Imgur

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