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Flickr: Back Again For The Very First Time

Dec 14, 2012   |   Comment

New Flickr app for iOS

Flickr - the once dominant photo sharing site that recently has only barely been on the radar - released an update to their iOS app that has (genuinely) gotten everyone's attention.

Prior to the update, the only time you heard Flickr mentioned was usually close to the phrases "not as good as Instagram" or "when will Marissa Mayer". Everyone expected (hoped?) that the new Yahoo CEO would put Flickr high up on her list of products to overhaul. This new release is the shows that was the case. Although less noted, the updated Flickr mobile site is a welcome change as well.

The timing couldn't have been more interesting. Following the current 'dust up' between Instagram and Twitter, you had Pinterest coming through to fill some of the void that was left. Flickr releases this re-done iOS app a day or so later. Clearly everyone is choosing sides and preparing for what seems to be an upcoming paradigm shift in the social photo space.

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