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Custom URLs Now In Open Beta

Nov 06, 2012   |   Comment

So you want a custom Picsho URL, do ya? After making a few significant changes to the way Custom URLs work, we've updated the status of the feature to open beta, meaning that you can now obtain your own custom URL on Picsho.

The New Custom URL Feature
Logging in to Picsho gave you the ability to store, track, and modify the Picshos that you created. Now you can also mark other Picshos as your favorite, and keep track of those as well.

Your custom Picsho URL will display all of the Picshos that you've created, and your favorites, to others all in one place. You also still get to personalize your custom pages' title, image, and avatar as well.

How To Get Your Custom URL
Unlocking the Custom URL feature is as easy as sharing a Picsho. Log into your account, create a Picsho that you like, and share it with others. Once it's gathered enough views, you'll see "the lock" open and you're ready to choose your custom URL. Once you've chosen your URL, you can start using it immediately.

Please remember - it may be open, but the Custom URL feature is still being beta tested, so we appreciate all input on errors, bugs, or how we can make it better.


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