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Bye Bye Beta

May 29, 2013   |   Comment

The moment we launched Picsho as a (very) open beta version, the relatively few bullet points of things we wanted to tweak quickly became a laundry list of wanted features and bonuses. Starting today, we'll be getting to work on that list as we officially drop the "beta" label and make Picsho ready for prime time.

Picsho Redux
At the top (literally and figuratively) is the new Picsho logo, re-imagined and crafted by creative professional Glenn Bustos. Expect to see more of his beautiful and clean style as we continue to improve upon the Picsho web app.

Search Better

Again, working closely with Glenn, we went back to the drawing board on one of the most important parts of Picsho, the #hashtag search. We believe this new interface is a lot more intuitive, and arguably makes hashtag mashups easier.

(Those that have been with us from beta may notice the omission of Lockerz from the list of icons. There's a reason for that.)

Get Focused

As you go through the updated version of Picsho, you'll undoubtedly notice several design and layout tweaks. Most notable of these is the restructuring of another vital area, the Picsho Gallery. It's been restructured in several ways in order to bring focus on the most important part - the pics!

Friends With Benefits

Those of you with Custom URLs will be seeing some added benefits in the weeks to come. In this new update, we've replaced the "banner" feature with the ability to add background color and/or a background image to your gallery! You'll find this under the "Style" option when you're logged in.

Never Ending
While this is the end of the beta era, Picsho will never be "finished". We'll continue to add features and updates as long as you keep creating galleries! As always, let us know your thoughts, and thanks for using Picsho.

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