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Are 30 Instagram Hashtags Necessary?

Oct 10, 2012   |   Comment

Over the last few days browsing through Twitter and Tumblr, we've read a few blog posts addressing hashtag abuse on Instagram (see the image above for an example). While Picsho relies (heavily) on peoples' ability to attach hashtags to their pictures, we agree that it's gotten a little out of hand.

Instagram launched their hashtag functionality early last year and it was a big hit among brands and users alike, increasing discovery of images exponentially. But as we started to come across images that were being pummeled with hashtags, we revisited the Instagram docs to notice that "The limit on the number of tags you can use on a photo is 30..."

It's a good thing that Instagram users are not boxed in to the type of character limits that Twitter users are. But 30 hashtags is almost begging to be abused. Could you come up with 30 hashtags for an image, that are descriptive and on topic? You'd probably get to 10 before starting to use words that are generic or repetitive (ex: #beautiful #pretty #lovely), or words that are barely fitting to the image. But what is a hindrance to most of us is a benefit to those that value views and followers over usefulness.

Should Instagram roll back the number of hashtags allowed in a caption? Would that be fair to future users that didn't take "full advantage" of the hashtag limit? Of course, these are decisions for the Instagram team to make. Until such a time, Instagram users, be gentle with your hashtags.

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