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#InstaSpam Has Arrived, Instagram Users Respond

Dec 03, 2012   |   Comment

Instagram Users Protest Against Spam

If you haven't experienced it yet, trust that you will soon. The "spam brigade" is now hitting Instagram with all of their sly tactics, and longtime Instagram users aren't happy about it.

The increase in spam posts, likes, follows, and comments have been building in tandem with the popularity of the now Facebook owned photo sharing app. Then when you consider their liberal policy on hashtags and their recent release of web profiles, an increase in spammage was all but inevitable (ever heard of Twitter?).

The complaints regarding #tagspam and fake accounts have gotten louder over the last couple of weeks and maybe reached a boiling point. Several early adopters and aficionados of Instagram, some using the hashtag #onedaywithoutspam are planning a protest for tomorrow, Dec. 4th, as they will make their accounts private for 24 hours. Of course, masses of people making their profile private for one day will mean little, if anything, to the spam brigade. But Instagram users may acquire a taste for a less noisy timeline, and stay private.

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