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Bye Bye Beta

May 29, 2013   |   Comment

The moment we launched Picsho as a (very) open beta version, the relatively few bullet points of things we wanted to tweak quickly became a laundry list of wanted features and bonuses. Starting today, we'll be getting to work on that list as we officially drop the "beta" label and make Picsho ready for prime time.

Picsho Redux
At the top (literally and figuratively) is the new Picsho logo, re-imagined and crafted by creative professional Glenn Bustos. Expect to see more of his beautiful and clean style as we continue to improve upon the Picsho web app.

Search Better

Again, working closely with Glenn, we went back to the drawing board on one of the most important parts of Picsho, the #hashtag search. We believe this new interface is a lot more intuitive, and arguably makes hashtag mashups easier.

(Those that have been with us from beta may notice the omission of Lockerz from the list of icons. There's a reason for that.)

Get Focused

As you go through the updated version of Picsho, you'll undoubtedly notice several design and layout tweaks. Most notable of these is the restructuring of another vital area, the Picsho Gallery. It's been restructured in several ways in order to bring focus on the most important part - the pics!

Friends With Benefits

Those of you with Custom URLs will be seeing some added benefits in the weeks to come. In this new update, we've replaced the "banner" feature with the ability to add background color and/or a background image to your gallery! You'll find this under the "Style" option when you're logged in.

Never Ending
While this is the end of the beta era, Picsho will never be "finished". We'll continue to add features and updates as long as you keep creating galleries! As always, let us know your thoughts, and thanks for using Picsho.

Hate Litter? Join The #Litterati

Mar 11, 2013   |   Comment

Taking the time to clean the up littler you come always across deserves a pat on the back, kudos, props. And if you're doing your part, here's one way to collect on those accolades from like minded individuals, via The Litterati

According to their website, "Trash is everywhere. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts litter the environment, choke wildlife, and threaten our planet. By combining technology, social awareness and art, the Litterati is tackling this ever-escalating problem one piece of litter at a time."

When you come across a piece of litter in your area, before disposing of it properly, snap an image of it with Instagram and add the #litterati hashtag to add it to their "Digital Landfill", which not only puts your good deed done on display, but also helps to keep track of the litter that's being found in their Statistics area (not a big surprise that Starbucks litter is one of the most commonly found items).

There's also a geo-location feature mapping all the places that The Litterati is making it's impact. It all adds up to another example of how social networking and apps can be used for a bigger purpose than just entertainment.

Hey Restaurants, What Are You Afraid Of?

Feb 05, 2013   |   Comment

While I seriously doubt that your favorite diner or bistro is going to club you across the head (unless that's their theme), the photo above does portray the sentiment that some establishments have towards their patrons taking and sharing photos of their dishes. What I can't understand is why.

Don't give me that jazz about "disturbing other customers." Unless I'm going around taking pics of other peoples plates at their tables, it just doesn't fly. Flash photography? Please. If I'm taking a photo not of food but of the great time I'm having at your place, will I be subject to a skull cracking as well?

Once the plate hits my table, it's mine. I can eat it, stare at it, dump it in a doggie bag, take a picture of it, or even smear it across my face if I want to. As long as I pay for it in the end.

What's the real issue here, restaurateurs? Why is me taking a picture of my food such a big deal? What are you afraid of? And honestly, what can you really do about it?

Image via Imgur

And Then There Was #Teoing

Feb 04, 2013   |   Comment

There's no need for us to re-tell the tale - we know you've heard it already. In fact, only news this epic gets the whole world to start snapping pics on one (hilarious) accord. Plankers, Batmanners, and the like. It's time to start #Teoing!

They're already all over Twitter and Instagram, and like some of the previous 'projects', there are lots of ways that you can get creative with #Teoing although the "arm around air" is the clear favorite.

We'll keep our eye out for some of the epic examples and add them to the gallery. Or if you know of one that deserves some spotlight, drop us a line.

Image via Instagram

Updates: Add More Images To Your Gallery

Jan 22, 2013   |   Comment

A couple of late nights and about 3 dozens cups of coffee have produced our latest feature update. Here are the new ways to keep your gallery fresh by adding more images to it.

Search It Again
This feature has been at the top of the to-do list for quite some time. Of course, images on social networks can be (and often are) shared after you've already created your gallery. Creating a new gallery is of course an option. But if you're logged in, you can grab new images for your existing Picsho by clicking the "Search More" button during Editing Mode.

This will find newer images (if any) based on your existing hashtag search, and add them for potential inclusion in your gallery. As before, you can then weed out the repeats, off-topic, or otherwise "bad" pics to curate them into the gallery you desire.

Manual Additions
There's only so many results a search can produce, only so far back that a hashtag search can go. If you come across an image on a social network that should be in your gallery, you can opt to drop it in manually.

This feature may look familiar from previous feature updates. Simply adding the proper, direct URL to where that image lives will add the new addition into your existing Picsho. This is also ideal for adding public images that aren't able to be searched via a hashtag, like from Facebook for example. Expect the list of supported social networks to grow!

Note: These new features are at your disposal only when logged in. Logging in is easy and free.

As always, if you spot any bugs or see room for improvement, please feel free to contact us with your feedback. And thanks for using Picsho.

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